How Did Pueblo Indians Affect Society

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The Pueblo Indians were people who lived in the Mesa Verde region in the period of 1590 A.D. To today. The Pueblo Indians were also very good at building. They built pueblo’s which is a Spanish word for “village” or “town.” The Pueblo Indian women were responsible for taking care of the family and the home, and the men were in charge of the politics, agriculture and war.” The Pueblo kids were like other kids today. They would play and do things around the house for the mother, and sometimes they would go hunting, or fishing with their father. Pueblo Indians were very hard working people and mainly specialized in agriculture, building, politics, and war.

During this period of time the Pueblo Indians started to build houses, often on high
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They would make pottery with “geometric designs in black mineral paint with a white slip.” The pottery wheel was not a thing when the Pueblo Indians made pottery they had to use coils and clay.Despite the Pueblo Indians success in agriculture, pottery, weaving, and building houses, they’re way of life declined in 1300’s, due to droughts, which cause the Pueblo’s to migrate south into New Mexico and Arizona. They became what is known today as the Pueblo people.

All the Pueblos are located on reservations of various sizes that include not just the pueblos themselves but tracts of land used for the communal good of tribal members.
Scientists explored the culture of the Pueblo Indians, in a part of the Southwest,
The Mesa Verde region is located in the Four Corners area of the Southwest. It is called the "Four Corners" because it is the only place in the United States where the corners of four states meet: Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.
The climate in the Mesa Verde regions were cold winter's, it was snowy near the colorado mountains. And warm and dry summers.
The Pueblo Indians Were very skilled farmers, and during their lifespan they had many achievements. One of their most famous achievements were pueblo’s and they were really good at building them. The pueblo’s are also ancestors to the Anasazi who were skilled builders, and did other things