How Did Reconstruction Affect Chinese Immigrants

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Reconstruction Effects on Immigrants(Chinese)
After the reconstruction, many immigrants from all around the world came to the United States for labor. Railroads and expansions were the main reason why immigrants came to the United States. Immigrants, specifically Asians were brutally affected by the reconstruction. The reconstruction itself was not successful because the Chinese immigrants were not granted citizenship even though the 14th amendment stated that it would, “Granted citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United States.” The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 caused the Chinese immigrants to earn less a minimum wage and were forced to go back home. Now after decades had passed, new generations of immigrants started to assimilate into the Western culture even though the elderly are still struggling to assimilate. As a results, the Reconstruction affected Chinese immigrants in both negative and positive ways.
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There was so much poverty going on in China. Therefore, the Chinese came to the United States for gold rush. Chinese immigrants who came to the U.S. faced a harsher treatment than Europeans. The Americans did not welcome Chinese immigrants with an open warm. In fact, during the 1882, Chinese Exclusion Act was enacted. This Act forbid all immigration of Chinese laborers. Countless Chinese immigrants were affected by this Act. How the Chinese immigrants were affected was that, “the Chinese immigrants who were already in the United States either had to leave and reunite with their family or stay for the needed wages. Those who choose to stay were considered permanent aliens and were excluded from form of U.S. citizenship.” The Chinese Exclusion Act forced the Chinese immigrants to go back to China and enabled the Chinese immigrants to earn average wages. The ones who chose to stay were not granted citizenship either. The ones who stayed were considered as permanent