How Did Robert Edward Lee Influence The Battle Of Virginia

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One example of an important event would be the appointing of Robert Edward Lee as a general for the side of the Confederacy. This would be considered an important event as Lee’s commanding of the Virginian army - and eventually, the Confederate army as a whole - lead to small amounts of poorly armed Confederate troops being able to secure victories over the much more provisioned - and not to mention plentiful - Union troops (Luvaas 2-18). However, a little known (or maybe it is well known, I’m not really sure if it is common knowledge or not) fact is that the Confederacy was not the first of the two sides to offer control over a portion of the military. The Union was the first to offer this position to Lee, but he turned down due to not wanting to fight against his home-state of Virginia. …show more content…
Lee served as the General for the Union Army of Virginia instead? Judging from what history currently tells us about the fact that despite ending in his surrender and ultimate defeat of the Confederacy, Lee still had a huge impact in the sense that he helped make the Civil War not a complete curbstomp battle, and as a result Lee having control of much better armed troops against the Confederacy minus a whole state would probably turn the Civil War into very much a complete curbstomp battle. Heck, not only Lee, but with Virginia being part of the Union in this hypothetical alternate timeline the Confederacy would also lose out on ‘Stonewall’ Jackson thus making them not have either of their two ‘big boys’ to rally under, making morale not as strong as it could be. Granted, maybe in this timeline some unknown Joe Schmo ends up being as influential as the actual Lee and Jackson, but who’s to