How Did Romanticism Influence The Hudson River School Movement

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During the 18th century, Europe experienced a wave of new ideas, especially in the arts. This caused people to stray away from traditional ways and ideas. Romanticism, in response to Industrialization, had a strong impact on literature and art and can be seen through the Hudson River School influencing new and better thinking of artists throughout history. In order to to establish how this is true, this essay will first explain the ideas of Romanticism and its importance. Second, the Hudson River School as it becomes a strong movement will be explored. Finally, the impact and influence of the Hudson River School movement will be stated in detail.

Romanticism was the beginning of new thinking in the arts and literature, ultimately existing
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The landscape paintings of this movement redefined the analysis of the individual relations of the American people to the land. Many of the artists believed that nature gave proof of God’s providence for the new nation. This theme was accepted widely because of the religious history of the colonists, giving the same ideas to artists now and many years to come. (National, p 1)

A commonly unnoticed result of the Hudson River School is the American Preservation Movement. Many parks were established to hold the beauty in landscapes, representing the landscape paintings and the overall sense of preserving what was glorified. This has created the strong influence the Hudson River School had and shows its mark on the world and history. (National, p 1)

There can be no doubt that the effect Romanticism had on the arts gave new ideas, ultimately creating a history in the arts. The ideas of Romanticism were very important in creating the strong movement known as the Hudson River School. This left an impact on the history of art and all artist’s hearts. Without knowledge of this it would be impossible to have an opinion on any landscape painting or reasons for the Hudson River School