How Did Spain Influence Native Americans In The New World

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in his literature. His primary language was Dutch, but he wrote poems in Spanish recreationally, and later became known for translating the Spanish proverbs back into Dutch.
The Spanish language was widely spread because of the missions that the conquistadores did for their Kings. Missionaries needed writers to come to their voyages because they needed to record their discoveries that they find when going on these mission trips. The missionaries were in charge of finding gold or spices when arriving at these new lands. It is that what made another innovational incline on how Spanish was spread around the world. While in the New World the Spanish missionaries taught many of the native Indians about the Spanish language, culture, and art. One example of this is when the Spanish came to North America and were in New Mexico. They invaded their homes and privacy creating an image of dominance. This image of dominance is what placed the Spanish missionaries on a pedestal among the less civilized and less culturally influenced natives. The Spanish were both feared and admired. The missionaries provided knowledge from around the world and basic
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His people drove the missionaries out of New Mexico, killed a lot of Native Americans, destroyed their property and disrespected them in many other ways. They even destroyed many Christian relics and monuments in retaliation of the native landmarks that were destroyed by the missionaries in the early stages merging the two. Nearly fifteen years later the missionaries regained influential control over a few vast areas of New Mexico. This made an effect on how Spanish language was slowly disappearing in the Northern part of America. With the killing of many native Spaniards and natives who spoke the language, there was not many people who spoke the language and that decreased the spread of