How Did The Black Panther Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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Today in America almost everyone has the same right and opportunity. It took centuries for African American people to live like we do this present day.The civil rights movement began in 1955 and ended in 1986 this time was a very big struggle. Since not everyone had the same rights and opportunities. African Americans weren't seen as property anymore, but they also weren't seen as humans. After many years of being treated unfairly Martin Luther King Jr. emerged as one of the many leaders of the Civil Rights movement. His protest were peaceful and nonviolent. Many others followed Luther to fight against injustice with many others like Fred Shuttlesworth. Many African American became restless of everything. They were tired of not being heard. So many of them changed their technique of trying to make people understand that there were the same as everyone else. That they should be given the same opportunity and rights as the whites. If the whites didn't understand the good way, than they would have to understand the hard …show more content…
Many groups were involved such as the black panthers and the Black Power Movement. After fighting for such a long times. Black panthers also had newspaper articles that reached the view of thousand of people. Many people donating money to their cause. THe black panthers accomplish one of their many goals. Which was to provide free breakfast for African American children, They feed up to ten thousand children a day. Many goals were accomplished. Men were allowed to vote no matter their race. The movement ended the segregation in public places, and banned employment discrimination based on color, race, religion, and sex. Kennedy i'd have a part to do in this movement, but after his assassination Lyndon B Johnson took over and officially made the change. Lyndon B Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. (