How Did The Enlightenment Influence The French Revolution

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During the 18 century French monarchs had unlimited power and they declared themselves "Representatives of God". Finally in 1789 the French had enough. They were tired of being pushed around by the nobles and the clergy men. They were tired of paying all of the taxes. They decided to have a revolution. They had just helped the Americans out with their revolution so those ideas were fresh in their minds.

They didn't expect it to be easy they saw how it was for the Americans, but they were ready. They also had encouragement from their great leader Jacques Pierre Brissot. He was a great speaker. He knew how to get the crowd going. He got them to storm the mansion of the king. He got them to behead the king also.

After they beheaded the king, they declared war on Britain. They started to recruit soldiers. Recruiting meant they take the young men away from their homes and made them soldiers. Both the American Revolution and the French Revolution were the products of Enlightenment
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Still, the ideas of the Enlightenment had gradually went down and soon enough, they may have had an influence on the agricultural poor. Whether ideas had been widely enough to influence the laboring poor in cities and in fields is an open question. There are indications that the topic of sentimentalism were familiar far down the social ladder.

In some of these revolutions had more in common than it might appear despite the difference in the time period and national histories. They were both reactions against an oppressive monarchy that taxed heavily and attempted to control them and they both reacted in part because of Enlightenment ideals. While there were different circumstances that affected the governments being rebelled against and there were different. These revolutions had similar aims and achieved the similar result of a new republic and constitution as the final