How Did The French Revolution Change Napoleon's Life

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Napoleon Bonaparte was one of many significant leaders known to the world . There were so many significant issues, themes and events that were central to the leaders life, that will be shown through an analytical essay you will be able to write and discuss one or more of these that seemed to be important to your on your chosen leaders life. This essay will outline significant issues/ events that happened between napoleons early life , his military life and his life after death. Some significant events that happened was the french revolution which then caused the regime of terror. Some other important events was napoleons rise to empire and also when he created the napoleonic code . It will also discuss what happened after his death and weather or not his changes were left or if they were changed .

Napoleon Bonaparte, born on August 15th 1769, and was one of the eight surviving children born to Carlo Bonaparte who was a lawyer and his wife, Letizia Romalino Bonaparte. Napoleon parents were members of the minor Corsican nobility, his family was not wealthy. As a young boy Napoleon attended school in the mainland France, where he
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Throughout the early years of the revolution Napoleon was on leave from the military and went back to his home in Corsica where he joined the jacobins, a pro-democracy political group. During this period French citizens raised and redesigned their countries political landscape , uprooting century old institution and absolute monarchy and federal system . The revolution was influenced by enlightenment , particularly the concepts of a lot of power and authority . Although it had failed to achieve a lot of its goals and degenerated into pools of blood . The movement had played a very critical role in shaping modern nations by showing the world the power of inherent in will of the