How Did The Holocaust Affect The World

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Sacrifice by fire, that is what the word Holocaust means. This was one of the many awful events in History that has happened to our world. During this time there was a lot of people dying. The Nazi were killing millions and millions of innocent men, women and children. This event in history will always be remembered. The Holocaust had an extremely big impact on our world and affected the way that we do things today. In 1933 the Jewish population in Europe was over 9 million. The Nazi killed two out of every three European Jews as a part of the “Final Solution” which was the Nazi policy to murder all of the Jews. Even though the Holocaust was mostly the murder of Jews because they were a “danger to Germany” others were killed too. Nearly 200,000 Roma Gypsies and also including 200,000 mentally and physically disabled patients, mostly German, were killed by a so called Euthanasia program. The Nazi tyranny spread rapidly over Europe. The Nazi and there German collaborators murdered and persecuted millions of others. There was 2 to 3 million Soviet prisoners of war that were killed by starvation, neglect, mistreatment, or disease. The Nazis targeted many different groups of people that did not follow things the way that they did. Mostly all of these groups died from malnourishment. …show more content…
Hitler convinced the other rulers that the wars were happening because of the Jews and their helpers. He urged the German leaders to follow the strict racial laws with merciless resistance against the poisoners of all of Germany. The next day after he said this Hitler committed suicide. The German forces began to evacuate many of the death camps but they were not saving them. They put them at the front lines of the war. These “death marches” continued all the way up until Germany surrendered. The number of deaths resulting in the death marches was nearly