How Did The Hutchinson Change In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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When someone thinks of winning the lottery he or she imagines changing to a luxurious life style. In the short story “The Lottery” the lottery is an annual tradition. The lottery, the tradition of the people, is an annual sacrifice chosen at random from the black box. The two characters Old Man Warner and Bill Hutchinson do not change throughout the story they are the same men through the entire story and very static characters.
In this story the oldest man in the village is Old Man Warner. He has been alive for seventy-seven lotteries and does not wish for the tradition to change. He believes for as long as the people hold an annual lottery they will have a strong harvest. He believes so because he had been blindly raised into and done this his entire life. This old man has so willingly become a member of a barbaric society in which they kill one another for food. Old
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He has three kids and a wife, Tessie Hutchinson. During the events of the lottery his family is chosen. When his family is chosen he is silent. He does not want to draw attention he just wants to get it over with, but his wife, Tessie, decimates, his hopes of no attention because she is screaming. She cries out that “[i]t wasn’t fair” completely and utterly crushing his hopes of getting the whole thing over with. Bill, however, does have a counter-measure to fix his problems of his loud-mouth wife; he tells her to shut up. For the most part she does and she is partially silent throughout the remainder of the lottery, but the moment she is declared the people’s sacrifice of the lottery she continues right back up. She screams out once more but very soon her cries are muffled by the stones of the people. Bill Hutchinson, the husband of this woman, does not change through the story from the beginning all the way through to the end he is a very static character with absolutely no change in personality, behavior, or way of