How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect Immigration

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American immigration has often been a topic of controversial opinion, although it is widely thought, even understood, that America is a nation almost entirely made up of immigrants. The political and economic state of the union is repeatedly tied to the abundance and acceptance of emigrants, ending with some positive and negative results. However, there is always an ebb and flow to immigration, and each phase has had a different impact on America as a society. One such time was during the 19th century American Industrial Revolution. This is the timeframe that I would like to focus on. The purpose of this paper is to touch on the significance of events during this era and to discuss the influences of these progressions with regard to its affect on American immigration and, more specifically, the immigrants themselves. In order to properly understand American immigration during this time, it is important to view the state of America as it was just prior to opening its doors to the masses. ?There can be no entirely accurate way to state the beginning of the Industrial …show more content…
Before and during the war there were several inventions that would in time lead up to the overall growth and success of America during the height of the Industrial Revolution. Although some of these inventions, and almost always their inventors, may not have been given the desired amount of attention or received the assistance due them during the war, they held a substantial amount of promise for the years to come. They contributed to history's progression and even provided a consequential dependence we have for many of them today. These became inventions that would shape our modern conveniences and draw in more opportunities for