How Did The Treaty Of Versailles Affect Germany

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Although the main cause of World War 1 was determined to be Germany by the Treaty of Versailles, this is controversial. The Treaty of Versailles crippled Germany’s economy and government. Kaiser Wilhelm and all of Germany was basically shut out by the majority of the world considering no one wanted to be hurt like they just had seen Germany been. Germany just lost all of their important allies and were on their own at this point. Germany went through a great depression, the government tried to make more money to make the depression go away but this was the worst thing the German government could have done. This caused hyper-inflation. The Treaty of Versailles hurt Germany significantly by hurting their armed forces limiting their army to 100,000 men, hurt their economy and industry by losing the Saar region and Prussia losing fertile farming land due to the agreement of the Treaty of …show more content…
Germany lost fertile land with this losing textile production, coal production which they were highest known for in this region, and rich farming land. Losing this land being the Saar region, Germany’s production of just about anything they cared about was gone. Germany was not known to be very fertile farming land which is why they moved to the Saar region but now that they had lost this land due to the Treaty of Versailles they had nothing to sell, buy, or trade. Along with the other factors of the Treaty of Versailles that put men out of jobs they now had another to add to the list. They lost farmers, factory workers and other basic jobs performed in the Saar region which caused more problems for working men in Germany. Prussia was known for their nutrient rich farming soil and was also lost due to the Treaty of Versailles. At this point you can probably make a pretty accurate evaluation that all the good factors of Germany agriculture was potentially