How Did The United States Change Throughout The 19th Century

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Throughout the mid 19th century the United States of America (USA) transformed in many physical, social, and political ways; ultimately, changing the national focus for the United States forever. The nation altered physically and socially numerous times thru the mid 19th century. Although the Republic survived there were still an abundant amount of political changes that threatened it between 1800-1850. Within these years of change the national focus of the United States of America changed from the ideals of the generation of revolution to expansion, industrialization, and aggressive foreign policy. Between the years of 1800-1850 the USA altered in countless physical, social and political ways; eventually, changing the national focus for eternally. …show more content…
The population in 1800 was about 5.3 million people and it would continue to grow almost 19 more million in the next 50 years. The population in 1850 grew to staggering 23.2 million people from the minimal 5.3 million in 1800. Between the given years the population grew at about a steady 34 % increase every 10 years. In rural areas it was about a 9 % increase every 10 years. Those two figures do not even start to match the almost 93% increase every 10 years in Urban areas though. This shows that the massive population increase in the mid 19th century was an outstanding physical change. Although the population of the United States also drastically expands so does the size throughout the mid 1800’s showing another prominent physical change. In the year of 1800 our furthest west and north border was the middle of the state know today as Minnesota and our furthest south border was the bottom of Georgia. When the US had its 74th birthday in 1850 it had expanded all the way west to California, south to Texas, and North to Maine. This rapid expansion of territory displays how exceptional of physical change the size growth of the United States