How Did Willie Lynch Use Slavery In The Caribbean

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The first settlers found in the Caribbean were the Indians namely the Tianos and Carribs upon the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492. He use them to work but soon the all died from diseases and hard work they were not use to. The Spaniards then saw how profitable the lands were and started to set up colonies in the Americas. Soon there was a race of other countries such as Portugal, Europe among others to gain wealth and to make their homeland wealthy.
Tobacco, coffee, coco was the crop planted for export market in the Caribbean but soon was replaced by the sugar cane. Much labour was needed to produce the sugar cane. They then turned to Africa for the Africans who were of dark skinned and whom they thought could withstand the hot weather condition. Upon their arrival in the Caribbean they were sold to planters.
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Lynch specifically addresses the breakdown of the black male. Lynch states,
Let us make a slave. What do we need? First of all, we need a black nigger man, a pregnant nigger woman and her baby nigger boy. Second, we will use the same basic principle that we use in breaking a horse, combined with some more sustaining factors. What we do with horses is that we break them from one form of life to another; that is, we reduce them from their natural state in nature. Hence, both the horse and the nigger must be broken; that is breaking them from one form of mental life to another. Keep the body, take the mind! (Lynch