How Did World War 1 Contribute To The Rise Of Nazism

Words: 1959
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The outcome of World War One contributed greatly to the rise of Italian Fascism and German Nazism. Its consequences put economy strains, social strains, and heightened political divisions in both Italy and Germany. The results of this great war was that the Central Powers, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey were defeated by the victorious allies, France, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Japan, and the United States. Many Europeans never imagined that this war would last as long as it did and cause as much destruction and devastation as it did. “Most Europeans had assumed that highly differentiated populations packed into cities, dependent upon massive exchanges of consumer goods, would be simply incapable of enduring years of massive destruction”. (Paxton, Anatomy of Fascism, page 29) Despite the fact that Italy had one then war they experienced so much suffering and destruction that they too felt that had lost the war and were also experiencing national grievance along with many other countries. Along with death and destruction WWI also destabilized Italy’s society, the social order was too overturned in the country. One example of the disruption of social order is as a result of many men being …show more content…
After getting out of jail Hitler quickly tried to regenerate the Nazi party so that it would gain support. At first the Nazi gained support of the lower classes which is not what they wanted, but when they changed their focus they started to gain approval of a range of social elites to lower classes. Hindenburg noticed Hitler’s increasing popularity, but he hesitated to appoint him chancellor. Eventually Hitler did obtain the position of chancellor of Germany, but Hindenburg thought would be able to control Hitler, which ended up being a false assumption because Hitler soon developed his rule as dictator in