How do famous parents live off their kids? Essay

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Parents in today’s world live off of the failures and successes of their own children. They display symptoms of pride as they seek glory or failure for their child. Today, parents often believe that the ways their kids live their lives are a reflection of their own being. Famous parents are a prime example of this. Whether it’s good or bad, they will do whatever it takes to be the center of attention either through their children or own their own. Parents of famous children often live off of their children. Kris Jenner, Michael Lohan and Jon Gosselin all have gone to extreme lengths to get the public interested in them.

“Kim is so great at her social media. The whole family interacts with the fans. Things are so instantaneous and we enjoy Facebook, Twitter and our blogs. It’s a great way of letting people know what were up to.”(Schawbel) Kris Jenner said this when talking about her number one pride and joy: Kim Kardashian along with the rest of her famous kids. It all started on October 14th, 2007 when “Keeping up With the Kardashians” aired on E! Since then, the series has aired eight seasons and is in its 9th. Kris Jenner is the “Momager” of all the children. That means her kids pay her to manage their schedules. Along with being their “momager,” Kris has written a book called Kris Jenner... and All Things Kardashian, and has a new talk show, “The Kris Jenner Show.” With a QVC fashion line called the Kris Jenner Kollection, using her kid’s famous “K” name. With that, her net worth is now estimated to be over twenty million dollars! Kris Jenner undoubtedly lives off of her children. Even episodes of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” showcase her greediness. Numerous times you hear one of the sisters say “she just wants her twenty percent!” she even has her youngest daughters, Kendall who is seventeen and Kylie who is sixteen working constantly, every day. Kris even took them out of school to be homeschooled so they could work more. She seems to be working them so hard just so she could get paid more and gets her twenty percent from each child.

We all know Lindsay Lohan as an actress, model and recording artist. Lindsay Lohan has become a trainwreck in the past couple of years and her father hasn’t had much of a different story. Michael Lohan has used his daughter’s childhood fame as a gateway to his own new found stardom. He uses Lindsay’s drug and alcohol addiction as a way to get the tabloids and press interested. Whenever something new happens, Michael is the first person to make a comment on it to the press. “She's out there drinking and partying and she should not be doing that. People see her drinking. She should stay away from it.” (Marikar) With Lindsay Lohan being a household name and a frequent focus of paparazzi and tabloids, Michael found his own way to having paparazzi interested in him: a reality TV series. In the fifth season of the VH1 reality TV series, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Michael came out with his addiction to alcohol. The show showcased him as an alcoholic and cocaine addict who has been in and out of rehabs and prison since the 1980s. On Celebrity Rehab, Michael claimed that the stress of his daughter Lindsay's recent, very publicized legal troubles have triggered his alcoholism, he blames everything on his well-known daughter. Michael lives in his own world where he thinks that just because his daughter has found fame and people are interested in her, that they are interested in him. After he publically exposed Lindsay’s story to the whole world, he finally realized that he might be the problem so he went to the press again and shared, “I don’t think she should have taken any of the blame for what happened to her. It’s my fault and Dina's fault. We put her in the middle of the divorce. Now it’s up to me and Dina to make this better."(Hilton) Now he’s using empathy to gain his audience over and he says that he wants to help Lindsay get through this rough time.

Jon Gosselin is the