How Do Mailboxes And Violence Affect Human Behavior?

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We begin our existence without a choice. No choice of our genes, our parents, our place of birth. These factors were determined for us, we had no autonomy over such things. Does a infant have free will, in any meaningful sense? To demonstrate the importance of these factors is Piaget, and his theories of cognitive development. Until around the age of 7, children are still constructing values, the beginnings of symbolic meaning have begun developing and are informing their intuitive sense of how to act in the world. From here on, children construct a logic about their world, .“logical,” insofar as it pertains to the relationships constructed between them (self, ‘I’) and reality, and not in relation to any rigorous or scientific sense.. Meaning, if a relationship between mailboxes and violence is constructed in childhood (perhaps an abusive mailman?), it would be logical to avoid mailboxes despite any rational evaluation of mailboxes being an objective source of violence. Beginning at adolescence, children are increasingly capable of abstract thinking, enabling the discovery of “the future,” and the abstract phenomena concocted within that arena of mind. …show more content…
That relationship, and the many that are formed during this formative period in an individual's life, will provide the symbolic basis in which all their actions will be based upon - a symbolic basis which the individual had no agency in creating. Therefore, the person who develops from such a basis is very much tied to it. It is, in fact, the I, the self. We are doomed to be