Essay How do online networking change the way we live?

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Do you have a Facebook account? a computer? Or a cell phone? Undoubtedly, I will hear a yes from anyone, or at least a majority of the population. So what does that imply? How does it improve our lives? Imagine the world without online network, what will happen? Nowadays, people live in a different life comparing with years ago. By introducing the online networking, people can simply do everything through the internet. Take online classes, online conference for business, communication through an online chat room, are the result of the risen of online networking. In this essay, I will explain how our lives are improved by online technology.

In personal level, technology changes our way to learn. Since the arrival of online networking, student has more options to take class than before. Students used to have a lesson and submit homework in the classroom only. Compared to the old days, it is more flexible for students nowadays due to the fact that online classes and online classrooms are widely spread. The student no longer required to have lesson in the classroom only. They can have lesson anywhere they like as long as there is an internet connection. Moreover, students can submit their homework to their teacher through online classrooms. It is more convenient to both students and teachers. For teachers, they don’t need to carry a bunch of papers to home for grading. Instead, they just need to grade students’ work online and give some immediate respond to them. This not only convenience to teachers, but also environmentally friendly since reduced a lot of printed papers. For students, they can do lots of research online through a search engine, like Google and Yahoo, instead of going to the library to search and look for information. This can save them lots of travelling time to the library. However, online technology has some negative influence to students. Since online technology is very convenient to students, they might use it in an improper way. For example, they might access onto fun sites, like Facebook, YouTube, etc. while they were in class. They might even access to the porn site at night. These kinds of website might distract them from studying. Therefore, if students use online technology in a proper, it is very beneficial to them.

Moreover, in business level, online networking played an important role. In the old days, people had to commute with others to work. However, people only need to have a computer and internet connection. Then they can work anywhere since there is an online dealer. Moreover, businessman usually had to travel to other countries to make a contract before. However, they can use video calls and send emails to make an agreement. This saved them lots of traveling time between countries. On the other hand, online networking also benefits them. In old days, businessmen needed to search for a spot on street or in the newspaper for them to promote their products through advertisement. It was not effective for them to promote since not all people may walk or drive through the advertisement board on the street. Also, people may have skipped or missed the advertisement page in the newspaper. However, online networking allows businessmen to sell or promote their product on any online platform. For example, a small business advertises their new product on Facebook. Facebook is an online social networking that allows user to create profiles and share their status with their friends. [Number of user in 20XX]. It is more effective and money saving than putting their advertisement on other media since it will get the same effect of promoting from other media.

On the other hand, let’s discuss about how online networking changes people’s interpersonal relationship. Have you ever noticed that our conversation is changing everyday? In my great-grandparent’s day, I’m sure most information came to them by the word of mouth. I believe the conversations started something like this, ‘did you hear about…’.