How Do People View Their-Selves As Individuals

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How People view their-selves as Individuals
Valerie Thomas University of the Rockies
February 7, 2012
Dr. Goldstein


In this paper I will investigate individuals’ views of their experiences, growing up from childhood to adulthood. The key points will focus on where they were born, and the neighborhoods where they grew up. Also what things that they considered were the most important to them. Examining each of their soundings to find the similarities in the cultures represented. How they celebrate holidays, and their personal experienced, within a dominant culture. Their views and condition that we're allowed within their own standard that compares in their neighborhood. These individuals will be interviewed, and will express their thought of being an outsider or excluded from different dominant culture.
This interviewer name is Kim, she lives in a middle class neighborhood called a sub-division she lived in five different styles of houses in various arrangements, and horseshoe shaped streets which all of the streets attached to one huge main street, also in a form of a horseshoe. She was taught to treat people the way you would want to be treated, and respect your elders. She continues to tell me, growing up in a two parent household with family values, but some neighborhoods had some single parent families. Her holidays were celebrated at school, and home, at school they had parties, plays, and dances. Kim families always gather together on holidays. She has a daughter but she does not get to see her grandparents as much, because they are so far away. Her daughter is in advanced placement classes, high school advanced placement and stayed within Jr. High classmates.
Amy born in Indianapolis, Indiana she grew up in Orange Park FL from ages 5-15, and then Aurora, Co from ages 15 –19, the two neighborhoods that she grew up in were in the suburb. Every neighbor knew each other. The kids always felt safe. The houses were all built in the 70’s in Orange Park FL. In Colorado lived in a two–story home building the 80’s her parents taught her to be respectful of her peers. She learned honesty at a young age her parents. Always made sure when they come across someone that were much older, they would address she or he yes ma’am, or no sir, Kim was taught to only do the right thing and learn from her mistakes. She liked how her parents instructed her to bring order to her daily life; she enjoyed time with her family and friends. Today she lives in a neighborhood in Orange Park, FL. Her home is about three miles from her childhood home. Her family celebrated every holiday. At Christmas, her family traveled to Indianapolis to visit her grandmother. Her extended family also lived in Indianapolis or traveled to her grandmother’s house to celebrate the holidays together. Other holidays, her family would gather together with family and friend as much as possible. Currently both she and her family drive to Atlanta, GA for Christmas to visit her sister, husband and their three kids. For small holidays her parents and extended family try to get together as much as possible. She worked in many companies where there were people of all different cultures, and religions. She had no problem fitting into the crowd. She was part of the norm because she treated everyone alike. No one was counted as different just because of their beliefs. She once traveled to Mexico where she only fits in because she was an American presumed to have cash for traveling. Besides that, she truly doesn’t feel like she fits into the Mexican culture. Amy thinks that when people are put in a culture outside of their norm it is a great experience. This allows people to better understand different cultures and see the environment many people live in. My impression with Amy as we were doing the interview, she came across to me like she would not hurt anyone. How she was bought up was to treat people the way