How do we transform information into knowledge paper

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How do we transform information into knowedge?
Our society is constantly challenged with the information overload. Nowadays, we have access to so much information, however we are not always in the possession of the necessary tools needed to transform this information into practical knowledge and ultimately wisdom. So how do we begin this transformation process?
Well organized transformation process of information to knowledge constitutes to a good knowledge management system. Basically we can divide this process into four different stages: organize, interpret, communicate, and make decisions on a basis of filtered information. We have to be able to make decisions by using multiple sources and bits of information. The important thing to notice is that knowledge is not only the important (filtered) information but its combination with experience, context, interpretation, and reflection. So knowledge creation in other words creation of value is more thant just simple accumulation of random data and facts connected with the investigated issue, it’s the act of taking this random data from across a broad spectrum of sources and translating it into an insightful meaning. Wisdom on the other hand is the ability to sustain, use, integrate and ultimately act on a basis of the accumulated knowledge.
Firstly we ask ourselves: “What is that we want to create or what is the question we’ve been given?”. Next step is to accumulate all the data we can and then retrieve only…