How Do You Think Assumptions Might Interfere With Critical Thinking

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• What are assumptions? How do you think assumptions might interfere with critical thinking? What might you do to avoid making assumptions in your thinking?
• An assumption is what you think about a situation at first glance almost like something we take for granted. Assumptions might interfere with critical thinking if you never substantiate fact from fiction because it is something that we have learned before and no longer question the outcomes. Since our mind causes us to believe the things we assume we never question rather if it is actually the truth or not. In actuality we should avoid making assumptions until we have put together enough evidence to prove the real from the fake. Having an assumption is really hard to get over because it stops our thought process in a fear that our answers could be wrong, which is another reason why we should never come to conclusions without critically thinking of the good from the bad. What I could do to avoid making assumptions in my thinking would be to put together information and use it as the basis to my thinking process.

• What are fallacies? How are fallacies used in written, oral, and visual arguments? What might you do to avoid fallacies in your thinking?
• Fallacy derives from two Latin words, “fallax” which means deceptive and “fallere” which means to deceive according to “Fallacies” The Art of Mental Trickery and Manipulation is a misleading idea or opinion that is based on unsound facts. Fallacies that are used in