How Does Abigail Change In The Crucible

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Many characters in The Crucible have changed drastically throughout the story thus far. Characters have changed their beliefs, opinions, how they act, and especially who they are friends with. One character that stands out most of all would be Abigail Williams. Abigail has gone from a sweet and kind little girl to a “devil” in some people's eyes. Abigail starts the story by being the Proctors servant or maid. She is also the uncle to Reverend Parris and Bettys cousin. Parris questions Abigail about what he has seen when all the girls were dancing in the woods. Abigail denies everything that Parris asks since he is relating it to witchcraft. “No one was naked! You mistake yourself, uncle!” page 144. She is being questioned like this since she …show more content…
John Proctor is finally realizing that Abigail is a liar making him fall more towards his wife Elizabeth. Abigail hints that she has one goal in this whole play. She wants to get Elizabeth in jail so she can have John to herself. It does not take long on the other hand for Elizabeth to catch on. “And she (Abigail) may dote on it now- I am sure she does- and thinks to kill me, then to take my place,” page 170. This quote spoken by Elizabeth is said in the argument between her and John on why Abigail is acting the way she is. She also begins to accuse Mary Warren of witchcraft. In court Abigail starts yelling lies about seeing a bird that Mary Warren supposedly sent to kill them. She gets a group of girls to do this which then leads to Marry Warren unable to control herself. In court, Mary Warren was initially supposed to say all the lies Abigail has made, but is unable able to by the fear that Abigail brings and the possibility of death. Abigail has become fear to the faces of many as time has passed thus far. Abigail is trying do everything she can to avoid getting in trouble for being in the woods. She is accusing others to save her own life and putting other in jail or even sentenced to death. This was most likely a common occurrence during the time of the Salem Witch Trials. People wanted to avoid the hysteria as much as possible to avoid death. According to Abigail, lying was