How Does Abigail Williams Play In The Crucible

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The puppet show
In a small puritan village named salem, the citizens fear the court systems and in some cases, the church. There are many to blame for all the injustices in salem, but Abigail Williams was the heart and soul of all the accusations. There is mixture of vengeance, jealousy, and fear driving the girls to cry witchcraft. This is the tail of a troubled teen in lust.
Abigail Williams was the puppet master who was controlling everyone behind the scenes in The Crucible, she put just the right amount of fear into the girls, until they all synchronized as one. Many times throughout the play Abigail takes an abusive role and attempts to take everything by force, for example when she stated .. “Let either of you breathe a word, or the edge
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Abigail is abusing her power of innocence by making self the victim in many occasions. For example when Mary Warren and John Proctor went to court to save Goody Proctor, Abigail said.. “yellow bird, why do you come here” Abigail is attempting to get the judges emotional side out by showing that she is not the witch here, the witch is Mary Warren. Which is quite ironic the judges never once actually ever questioned Abigail. Abigail is always searching for the slightest and most perfect time to hide and cover the fact that she's the only one who actually did witchcraft. When Abigail stated “I want the light of god! want the sweet love of jesus!I danced for the devil i saw him! i wrote in his book, i go back to jesus! I kiss his hand! I saw sarah good with the devil!” Abigail confesses to being a witch, and in salem there's a law where if you confess,you will not get hung. This Sort of thing shows the hypocrisy present in salem. Abigail confessing to be a witch is all it took, she could have been put on trial for the same reason all the others were put on, but because she a young one of the village they let her