How Does Abigail Williams Play In The Crucible

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During The Crucible, Abigail Williams is the vehicle that drives the play. She is a young girl who bears most of the responsibility for the other young girls meeting with Tituba. The Crucible plays a great role in the ways the witch trials work. Abigail Williams is a young, teenage girl who tells multiple lies about the witch trials. She is best described as a manipulator because she liked to tell the girls the other girls that they can’t tell anyone about the witch trials. She blamed many innocent people of acts that she had done because she was worried she’d be the one to get in trouble. Although Abigail is a manipulator, she is one of the main characters in the story. She is one of the girls involved in the witch trials. She is almost …show more content…
Elizabeth Proctor is the wife of the man Abigail has an affair with. Elizabeth never told a lie, no matter what she was asked. She is completely faithful to her husband in their marriage. Abigail is a nemesis to Elizabeth because of John Proctor. But the way Abigail worked her ways made many innocent people have hatred towards her. In this story, it shows how it is always better, to tell the truth, rather than lie about it. Nothing good happens if a person lies about a something they should be taking the blame for. Another good lesson to be learned in this play is that, When a person lies, other people may have to pay for the consequences. People will blame others for something that they should have taken the blame for. An example of this in the play is when Abigail lies to the court about being involved with the witch trials and Elizabeth is sent to jail since Abigail accuses her of witchcraft. Abigail is a static person throughout this play. She is a liar and is very dishonest throughout the entire play. She accuses other people of witchcraft when she should have been the one to blame. Abigail William’s isn’t really involved with the ending of the play because she leaves the town of Salem before the play