How Does Advertising Affect Consumer Behaviour

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Every day, everywhere we can see advertisements sometimes we pay attention but some other we do not give any consideration about these. Advertising plays a key factor about our consumer behaviour, how to approach the buyer to select one specific product between others. In the modern era, the competition increasing sharply, there are several different products with different prices to cover the desire of every consumer. In the past was different first because there were less products than today and second the definition of word 'advertising' was not so well known and so widespread as nowadays. Formerly there were no social media as today and this had result the companies to advertise only through TV, magazines or newspapers, but now they have …show more content…
In a simple meaning, advertising is only a part of marketing that is trying to attract customers’ attention and it is a huge tool for companies. Nowadays companies can be advertised everywhere than in the past because marketing has increasingly developed and marketing managers have a range of advertising Media types to choose. On the other hand, customers, consumers, buyers, have a full range of alternative choices either is for a brand a product category or general for a product or a service. Therefore, companies have more possibilities to attract customers and customers have a lot of alternative choices to decide which one is the best for their needs and their personal satisfaction. Companies want to satisfy the needs of each market. The aim is to attract customers and satisfy their needs. According to Olsen (2008), companies through the marketing mix (4P's: Product-Price-Place-Promotion), promote the product in the market and they try to place the right product at the right place at the right price and in a right way. Advertising is a powerful tool and it is a very important factor for every business. It has a key role because with advertising companies try to make their product or service to look the best and different from others. Then the aim with this tool is to make consumers buy the advertised product or service. Aitken, Gray and Lawson (2008) refers that the response of consumers in advertisements passes certain stages and this is because consumer behaviour can be affected from an advertisement. For this reason, companies have an obsession about consumer behaviour and that is why advertising researchers study the role that advertising plays in the development of a brand image. Consumers pay attention to advertisements that are related to their own needs. This is because the information they receive for a brand, a product or a service fit with the