How Does Amir's Attitude Change

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Some changes that happened throughout the novel are changes in the author’s attitude towards the story and characters making changes as the story goes on. The author’s attitude changes a lot throughout the novel and is continuously changing. The novel begins with an attitude of feeling reminisce for the first couple chapter of the novel. Amir describes stories from his past and he has a positive attitude. The attitude shifts from being reminisful to gratefulness and love when Amir describes Hassan’s friendship with him. The attitude changes from grateful and loving to defeat and guilt as Amir lets Hassan get raped by Assef. These shifts in Attitude relates to the theme because they are all apart of Amir’s love and guilt he feels towards hassan which triggers his search …show more content…
He had felt guilty for the majority of the novel after he betrayed Hassan. He had felt guilty because Hassan would have done anything for him and he let him down when he needed him the most. Amir went from being super happy because he won the kite fighting competition, to constantly being reminded of his betrayal. The second shift Amir had made was when he finally redeemed himself after searching for redemption throughout the entire novel. Amir had finally felt a sense of relife. Amir’s outlook on life and himself had changed as he felt he could finally set himself free of the guilt he had hanging over his shoulders for so long. The next character that had a major shift was Hassan. Hassan had a major shift after he had been raped by Assef. He became very depressed. For the first few days after he had been raped he never came out of his room much and had a hard time connected with Amir because he knew what he has done. Hassan began to look at life with no hope and he had severe emotional trauma after his experience. In The Kite Runner Attitude and characters make a lot of changes. Amir has positive changes, while Hassan had made a shift for the