How Does Arthur Miller Show Inspiration In The Crucible

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In the 1950’s, the fear of Communism spread across the world, and many people translated the lessons learned from this time into articles and books. Inspiration for these books came in many ways including from other books, society, or through personal life experiences. Most books are strictly non fiction, but others are based on true events in history but contain fiction for entertainment purposes. A famous author, Arthur Miller, uses his life for inspiration in his literature. Although Arthur Miller bases The Crucible on true events in history, he fictionalizes the majority of incidents in order to appeal to the reader.
First, Miller gains inspiration for his book through first hand accounts that happen in society. Miller’s vision for the fear in Salem, Massachusetts is created through “the fear [Joseph McCarty] once spread” (Miller). Because of the fear of being
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Miller’s inspiration for John Proctor to have an affair came from his home life because he himself, “knew more than [he] wished to know about where the blame lay” (Miller 14). Miller publicizes his personal life to show his inspiration for his character, John Proctor. He reveals to the reader that he himself has had an affair; because of his actions, he visions the scenario in order to keep the readers interests and add more to the plot. Although John Proctor is a real person from Salem, Miller effectively puts his own twist from his life in order to make the play more interesting. Miller becomes personal when he speaks through Proctor when Proctor confesses that “[he has] known [Abigail]” (Miller 3.2.380). Through Miller’s writings, he uses ethos in order to become personal with the reader. Even though the play is fiction, Miller is able to touch his readers because his life choices become evident within the play’s conflict. Because of Miller’s life, his intentions are effectively translated into his