How Does Atticus Show Courage

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Atticus Finch was a man who wanted to prove his courage in this essay I will prove to you how he did that. Also I will be telling you about some of the hard things he had to accomplish. Also I will be sharing with you of some of the hard decisions he had make and do. I will also be talking about how the people felt towards atticus in the essay during some of the events in the essay. Enjoy the essay of atticus proving his courage.

Atticus showed courage by defending Tom Robinson in the trial.By defending Tom Robinson he went against the norm of society in the times of racism. Atticus also knew that everyone would talk about and be upset about how he is defending Tom in the trial. Atticus also knew that he would be able to stay strong whenever people were talking and making jokes about how he was defending Tom in the trial. Atticus was also very determined during the trial for his client Tom Robinson. Atticus was also not going to give up on Tom Robinson just because he was black. Atticus was going to put the same amount of effort into him as he was for his other clients.
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Even though atticus's kids were in danger he still defended Tom Robinson. Atticus’s kids were also very important to him but he still did what he thought was the right thing to do. Atticus also knew that his kids would be very curious about him defending Tom Robinson but he put that aside and still defended him to the best of his ability. Atticus knew that there was a bigger chance in him not winning the trial because of the Tom’s color but he still gave him his best