How Does Atticus Show Courage

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Have you ever had to face your fears? Having courage can help everyone with this. Everyone has courage in them but sometimes you have to dig deep to find it. Atticus’ courage is shown throughout the book and his situations can relate to many incidences that happen in the articles. Atticus’ courage is shown throughout the story because he stayed and waited at jail for the mob to come, decided to take the case with Tom and he met Tom’s wife and talked to her about Tom and Bob Ewell saw him. An event that happened in the book that shows Atticus’ courage was when he went to jail and sat in front of the doors and waited for the mob to come.“A flash of plain fear was going out of his eyes but returned when Dill and Jim wriggled into the light,” (Lee 203). This piece of evidence shows that Atticus was scared and worried but he was able to have courage and perseverance. Many later events in history with equality could relate to Atticus in certain situations. One comparison is in the article that we read. Atticus not moving while sitting in front of the jail doors is a good comparison to the article when Mrs. Parks wouldn’t move seats on the bus for a white person (Beedhoff Telegraph al. 35). …show more content…
Cunningham asked if Atticus could take on the case for him and he said yes. Atticus had to have a lot of courage to do this because he knew it would be a very hard trial and things probably would not go the way he would like and people would start treating him different because he is defending a black person.“Francis rose and sprinted down the catwalk to the old kitchen. At a safe distance he called, “He’s nothin’ but a nigger -lover,”(Lee 110). This is an example that happened to him when people started to find out that he was defending Tom Robinson. Malala had a lot of people support her but there was also many who did not just like Atticus after the trial how many people like and dislike him (Malala