How Does Atticus's True Color Come Out In To Kill A Mockingbird

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True colors come out by the way you treat others around you. The way people talk about you depends on your actions to others. Yet, there are times when you know you are making the right choice, but everyone else can’t seem to comprehend it, and will fight to prove their point. In To Kill A Mockingbird, there are many moments throughout the story that Atticus proves to be a good father and great citizen. Such as, when Atticus was dealing with Tom’s case, when Dill ran away and Atticus accepted him to his home, or when he made his children stop harassing Boo Radley. Throughout the story, Atticus’s true color came out. Such as, when Dill ran away from his home, got on a bus, and soon arrived at his home. “You fill this fellow up and when I get back we’ll see what we can see” (Lee 160). This shows that Atticus is going to let Dill stay at their home and not make him return to his own because Atticus knows the struggles in his family. Dill doesn’t come from a very loving home, and …show more content…
Tom was a black who “raped” Mayella a white woman. In southern Alabama where Atticus lived, blacks were looked down upon and no one communicated with them because no one liked them. Yet, during this case, Atticus believed that Tom was not quilty of rapping Mayella. “I’m simply defending a negro…” (Lee 86). This shows that Atticus is willing to defend someone who is unliked by everyone and is willing to suffer through the hatred from others around him. Not only that, but this makes Atticus a great father by standing up for someone in front of his children. This is showing Scout and Jem, and also Dill, what is right and what is wrong. Atticus defending Tom is a big ordeal, but is willing to go through all the suffrage to make his point and teach his children a lesson. That it does not matter your skin color, everyone is equal to