How Does Brutus Use Ethos In Julius Caesar

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The play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar takes place in early Rome. Julius Caesar is elected ruler of Rome and soon becomes king. The Romans loved caesar because he created more jobs and helped poor farmers. Though Caesar was liked by the poor there were nobles that weren't a fan. Brutus, whom caesar thought was a close friend ended up assassinating him along with other nobles. Marc Antony was Caesar’s close friend and they both valued each other's friendships. After caesar's death, they both gave speeches at his funeral trying to persuade the people of Rome to agree with one of them. Antony used pathos by using the citizen's emotions and trying to connect with them. Brutus used ethos and tried to make himself look like he cared about Rome so much he would kill his friend. …show more content…
Brutus uses ethos by repeatedly telling the audience he loves them so much he would do anything for them, even kill Caesar. Brutus convinced the Romans he cares about them and loves Rome. Brutus states “not to say that I didn't love Caesar but that I love Rome more” Brutus hopes to prove to The Romans he would do anything for them even kill his best friend. Brutus is using ethos and trying to convince the Roman people he killed him for a good reason. “As caesar loved me, I weep for him” (III.). Brutus is using logos and showing the audience he has a heart and that he cared about Caesar, didn't want to kill him. Brutus’ speech was compelling because he made the Roman people feel cared