How Does Climate Change Affect The Environment

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5.0 Overview of Chapter 5
In this chapter, we will firstly introduced to climate and weather. Climate change will be discussed next. Then, the chapter will continue with consequences of climate changes such as global warming on weather elements. Lastly, this chapter will ends with effect of climate change on monsoon seasons in our country, Malaysia.

5.1 Introduction to Climate and Weather
According to Oxford Dictionaries, climate means the weather conditions mainly in a region overally or over a sustained period of time. Climate takes hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years to change. In some cases, the climate of a place is portrayed with charts this way.
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It is brought about by factors such as biotic processes, volcanic eruptions and varieties in solar radiation received by Earth. Some human activities have additionally been recognized as significant causes of recent climate change, frequently alluded to as global warming. The equilibrium temperature is determine by which energy is received from Sun and lost to space.
5.3 Consequences of Climate Change (Global Warming) on Weather aaaiElements
a)Evaporation / water vapour - Solar radiation strikes the surface of water or land and makes water change state from a liquid to gas. Water vapour is an effectual green house gases which it assimilates long wave radiation and it transmits it back to surfaces, in such a way contributes to global warming. As the climate warms, temperature of air rises, more evaporation of land and water sources happens, hence increasing the atmospheric moisture content. Warmer air can hold more moisture, which can prompt more intense rainstorms, bringing major issues such as extreme flooding in coastal area around the
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Sea surfaces temperatures are a valuable approach to illustrate ENSO patterns. In spite of the fact that scientists say climate patterns such as El Niño are not generated by climate change, rising SST caused by global warming is supposed to affect their intensity and frequency. Till now, there are no prove to verify that there are connections between global warming and El Niño. In general, regardless of how much El Niño really contributed to the sudden increment in temperature, greenhouse gaseous emissions still induced on a few if not the greater part of