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How does Fitzgerald present the character of Jewel Hudson in “May Day”

Jewel Hudson is presented as an authoritative and forceful woman in the novel “May Day”. Interestingly, Fitzgerald uses two different points of view, Fitzgerald’s and Gordan’s. These two points of view are very different in certain aspects and creates a better appreciation of Jewel Hudson’s character for the readers. These two viewpoints make Jewel Hudson a very interesting character in the novel due to these contradictory points of view. This essay focuses on Jewel Hudson and her relationship with Gordon Sterrett.

At the beginning of the novel, Gordon Sterrett describes Jewel Hudson as demanding, persuasive and aggressive. The first indication of this is when Gordon simply say’s her name; “Her name is Jewel Hudson, went on the distressed voice”. To Gordon even saying her name is distressing to him. This shows just how anxious his is around her and how authoritative of a figure she is. This persuasiveness and demanding nature or Jewel is further highlighted by Gordon: “Jewel says she’s got to have two hundred dollars”
The fact Gordon say’s to Phil “she’s got to have” what she wants, implies that she always get what she wants and that Jewel is very demanding and assertive. Jewel appears to have the upper hand in the relationship. She seems to be able to control and use Gordon. Fitzgerald also informs the reader that Jewel Hudson came from a relatively poor background: “Lived here in New York-poor family”. The fact that she came from a poor background and that Gordon used to be well off could imply that Jewel is after his wealth.
Fitzgerald also describes jewel during the Gamma Psi dance. At the party Jewel is presented as outgoing as well as the similar traits of aggressiveness pushiness that we discovered in the first paragraph. In the first line of chapter 7 Jewel is described as an “over-rouged young lady”. The fact that she is “over-rouged” indicates she is trying hard to make an impression by putting on lots of makeup. This portrays her character as flirty and forward, especially towards Gordan. This is accentuated by the following quotation: she suddenly pulled him to her and kissed him with soft pulpy lips
The fact that she “pulled him” emphasizes the forcefulness and authoritative nature of Jewel towards Gordon. The description of Jewel decides to kiss Gordon in order for her to get her own way. This forcefulness…