How Does George Milton Deserve A Fair Trial

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Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, no one deserves the right to decide who gets to live or die. George Milton does not determine Lennie’s verdict, that is your role as the jury. Mr. Small is a man with a severe mental disability. On the contrary, George Milton is a man with a healthy mind. Milton takes care of Mr. Small and steers him through a world he cannot comprehend. Later, Mr. Milton decides that Mr. Small kills Curley’s wife and should be put to death for it. It was not George Milton’s place to decide to kill Lennie Small, Lennie Small deserved a fair trial, not fatality. If anyone here today is responsible for shooting and murdering a human being, they cannot escape the law. It does not matter if the mind behind the barrel had mercy for its victim, as soon as the trigger is pulled, the law will conquer. Consequently, George Milton is not above the law and should meet consequences for his actions. It seems Mr. Milton has good intentions when he shoots Lennie. However, murder is murder. Mr. Milton tries to protect Mr. Small because his disability makes him prone to danger. When George Milton realizes the extent of Mr. Smalls disability after joking with Mr. Small to jump in a river, he states ‘“he was so damn nice to me for pullin’ him out. Clean forgot I told him to jump in. Well, I ain’t done nothing like that no more’” (Steinbeck 40). He feels sorry for telling a man with a disability to jump in. He realizes how truly severe …show more content…
Death is final. Once a soul is lost, nothing can bring it back. Small’s can never return and seek the help he so desperately needs, thanks to Mr. Milton. It’s your role to serve justice to Lennie’s killer. It is in no one’s place to think that death is a favor to another. Ladies and gentleman of the jury, let it be known today, that murder is a crime that cannot be excused on any grounds for the safety of our