How Does Globalization Affect Canada

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Globalization refers to trading and mobilization is getting more popular that people and businesses in different continents are much easier to get to other places for personal and business purposes. In Vancouver, the rich immigration history and the strategic role of immigration in shaping Canada’s present and future, indeed, Canada is becoming increasingly ethno-culturally diverse, makes it different to the other places in Canada, the first stop in Canada from the Pacific Ocean, a door in Canada can attract Asian companies and businesses, the third largest city in Canada, located beside the Pacific Ocean contribute Vancouver to be the largest city and economic centre in West Canada, indicates an important role in North America and all around world. Vancouver contributes a lot in the trading industry and economy within Asia and North America. While benefiting from globalization that may inspire a different kind of people and company to start their new life in Vancouver that may boost the economy and create more jobs, meanwhile some people may not afford the housing , basic life needs or even getting a job. Meanwhile , many small businesses that operated by the Chinese around the suburbs …show more content…
The demographic changes among Chinese in Canada and therefore the social changes in Canadian society have weakened the historical basis for why Chinese continuing to thrive in little business ventures. it's currently recognized that each chance structures and ethnic resources operated interactively to influence migrant entrepreneurship. Additionally, the economic process has enlarged the movement of labor and capital across national boundaries and created new