Google, The Magnum Opus In The Search Engine Industry

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Intro: Google, the magnum opus in the search engine industry. We all pretty much know the various domains in which this company has its mark, from search engine to mobile operating systems, advertising platforms etc. The major of the revenue of this company comes from advertising, so how did Google make its way to be the brand name in search engine industry? How did the company manage to reach the heights today it is?
Google has its own strategic managerial plans for global marketing; one among those is the strategic acquisition and partnering with the well known in the industry and merging them in their business in order to grasp the local customer’s eye.
Google’s CFO Patrick Pichette described acquisitions to be an “ accelerator for growth”
(McKinsey Quarterly, August 2011). Here, are a few of the company’s acquisitions, which led the company, build a strong base in different soils.
The move towards dominating the search engine industry started in the year 2003, when Google took over Applied Semantics for $102 million, the makers of AdSense, a service which helped web site owners to run ads on their web pages. From 2003 to till date Google had taken over 11 selected advertising companies in the United States.
The largest acquisition in this regard was the acquisition of online advertising firm DoubleClick for $3.1 billion. Two years later the company responded to the explosive growth of the mobile applications market with a $750 million deal to acquire the mobile advertising network Ad Mob.
The acquisition of Waze, an Israeli online real-time mobile mapping provider led its firm base in Israel. Now with the Google search capability in Waze application, is said to have around 40 million users. The Google driven Internet retail sales marketplace, Google BufferBox: The acquisition of Bufferbox, a Canadian startup acquired by Google led the company introduce a secure kiosk delivery service in San Francisco, hence the company got benefits of acquiring a