Essay about How does Host of Raymond Mill Run Smoothly?

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We have talked about much about the application of the Raymond mill, So our experts consider that most of you may have known it more or less. But do you know how the host of Raymond mill operate smoothly?

Raymond mill's working principle is as follows:

block material via jaw crusher broken to a certain size of particle size (powder or granule material without of jaw crusher), by winnowing pan elevator vertical conveying the material to the storage hopper. Again by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly and continuously the material quantitative, to host, grinding. After grinding powder was bulging blower air out, by the analysis on the host at the top of the machine for grading. So that a desired powder fineness, along with the air flow into the big cyclone separator, after separation of powder by the discharge tube eduction is the qualified products.Airflow by back at the top of the big cyclone separator duct into the blower inlet. The whole flow pneumatic conveying system is a closed loop, and is operated under negative pressure.

Due to be ground material containing water, evaporation when grinding into gas and the duct flange joint in partial into the duct gas, lead to increased circulation flow of air volume, the increase of air volume, from the blower and the host remnants of used to import a cyclone separator. Along with the air out of the fine powder, after small cyclone separator to collect by another discharge tube, gas by small exhaust the atmosphere at the top of the cyclone separator.

The working principle of the Raymond mill's host is as follows:

Raymond mill through the transmission device drives the central axis rotation, with the top of the central shaft connected to a main parts --, plum, the plum flower rack is equipped with roller device to form an active protection, it not only orbiting around the center axis, the friction roller itself and rotation at the same time. Plum flower rack bottom with a shovel knife device, its position at the right moment and cross roller…