How Does Immigration Affect The Economy

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Immigration has become a major problem in the United States. People in the United State all have different view on immigration. Some argue that immigration has limitless effects on America, while others argue immigrant has negative impact such as overcrowding, drug trafficking, threatening of American culture and many more. Also, immigration play an important role in American history, people who immigrate to the United State come for opportunity and to build their and Americans dream. Immigrations are inherent to our country because they help improve economy, determination, and culturally. Immigration has positive effects on the economy. Among immigrants their skills vary. Immigrants who are willing to take low paying jobs are the people …show more content…
It also brings new culture to our society. However, in the United States, immigrates increase diversity and expand the culture. Expanding culture is fundamental because our county, workplaces, and schools consist of various cultural, racial and ethnic communities. Learning different cultures and languages make good relationship with other countries and help us comprehend different perspectives within the world. In United States being bilingual can be an advantage when searching for job. Even though immigration has positive impact in our society, it also has negative impact. If immigration continues to rise, United States could face several different issues. Often immigrants work on some of the hardest jobs for low income which led to shortage of work for Americans. Big company would not represent their same values anymore because owners could not find other people like immigrants to do same job in lower income. Another problem is a minority. Several minorities have better experiences and benefits than a normal citizen. One of the example is welfare program. Welfare program provides assistance to needy individual and family. Several people might have the capacity to work, but a few will choose to not work because the