How Does Local Society Treat People Differently

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*how does local society treat people differently?

in my opinion how people treat the homeless or other people even strangers all depends on ones upbringing. this is because in most instances especially outside the united states normally people try to ignore any and every stranger on the street in order to give them a "respectful distances" even offering short bows or curt nods of the head than a hand shake or a hug. however, especially in resent years most westernized countries, the united states especially, try to regard those whom they see throughout the day through more consideration. so in having that longer look and or regarding that stranger as someone more than a complete stranger which most would typically avoid, having that long chat seems almost more respectful than having a respectful silence. so in noticing came actually battling against poverty which has seen rising numbers, but after the recession had hit the U.S. in 2008 the number of nonprofit-charities has dwindled due to lack of funding. which the effect of this not only includes lack of funding, but also it shaped people to almost ignore our neighbors even if they so happened to live in the alley next door. yes, over the past couple of months there has been another rise in the actual giving but this number is still small compared to over 5 years ago.

what is my country doing to combat poverty?

through many organizations like the Central Arizona Shelter (CAS) or People assisting the homeless (Path) who work with those that are homeless and try to get them in better positions in life. mostly by getting them cleaned and educated to be able to work in the real world outside of recovery. but there is also organizations such as the National Coalition for the Homeless (or NHS) who have to help by stepping in and resolving any conflict, abuse ,and etc. of any and all hate crimes towards those who consider themselves homeless or displaced. but even with theses minor programs there are still many other organizations who help shelter and or get theses people in contact with someone who can give them a fresh start in the world.

how have some people in my country become wealthier…