How Does Mark Antony Use Ethos In Julius Caesar

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In Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, Julius Caesar’s ambition for power drove the honorable Brutus to think negatively about Julius Caesar’s position of being the King of Rome. Julius Caesar was loved by many and seen as a great leader. Negatively speaking, Julius Caesar’s ways of having most of the power and deciding not to listen to others, drove the power-hungry conspirators and the honorable Brutus to take his life away. The right of Brutus is questioned, when he speaks to the people of Rome as to why he killed Caesar. For this, Mark Antony’s speech was more effective and credible than Brutus. Thus, he had a better and more credible use to logos, pathos and ethos. Plebeians gave both Brutus and Mark Antony a chance to give an explanation …show more content…
“My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, and I must pause till is come back to me. (weeps)” ( Act iii scene ii). Antony is using pathos, to appeal to the citizens sense of pity and emotion to get them to understand why Caesar’s death caused hurt to others. Antony is showing deep sorrow and love for his friend, to make the plebeians feel sensitivity to be easily win them over. Also doing so by crying to empathize with the people. He shows that Caesar shouldn’t have been killed because people really loved him and Antony is an example of those people. It goes again in counter arguing Brutus’ idea of Caesar being too ambitious. An ambitious man, may not be liked by others as he is very eager, Antony would know best as he worked side by side with Caesar. Antony, Caesar’s right hand man, is crying for a man was killed for being too eager. His usage of real emotions, puts Antony’s claim over Brutus’. Finally, Brutus’ use of ethos was not reliable, as he didn’t back it up with evidence. He starts by using himself for credibility to show the plebeians he has knowledge. “ Believe me for mine honor, and have respect to mine honor that you may believe” ( Act iii, scene ii). Brutus is using ethos for credibility but lacks showing his credibility. He solely makes himself credible by saying he’s “honorable” but doesn’t communicate how to the people. He did not state any events of any kind to further amplify his honorability .This itself is not a reasonable reason to use to your advantage in convincing the