How Does Shakespeare Present Ambition In Macbeth

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hat does Shakespeare suggest about ambition in the play, Macbeth? Your analysis must focus on theatrical techniques:

In Shakespeare’s famous play, “Macbeth”, ambition is presented as a dangerous quality, one in which both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth fall victim to during the play. Ambition arises with the temptation of becoming King and Queen and evidently becomes Macbeths fatal flaw. The driving force of ambition ultimately results in the downfall, unhappiness and eventual death of the Macbeth’s. The presence of ambition is often exhibited using theatrical techniques displayed through language, stagecraft and symbolism.

Ambition is displayed using dramatic techniques, which allow the audience to better understand Macbeth and his wife as individuals. Macbeth’s dangerous ambition to become king is first displayed in act 1 scenes 3 and 4, when it becomes evident that Macbeth has been “taken in” by the witches. Macbeths aside, “Present fears, Are less than horrible imaginings”, is used as a dramatic technique displaying how Macbeth’s thoughts already venture towards the murder of Duncan. It becomes clear from this aside that Macbeth has begun scheming how he will achieve the position of king. Macbeth’s asides must be kept separate from his words, as they emphasise his true ambitions and foreshadow his future actions. The use of asides, highlight Macbeth’s
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Macbeth transforms from once being a heroic soldier who fought his equals in battle, to losing all respect and transforming completely into a tyrannic ruler, murdering anyone standing in the way of his ambitions. Macbeth’s morality has been destroyed in such a way that he now uses evil murder to fulfil his ambitions, emphasised through the relevance of dramatic techniques throughout the