How Does Shakespeare Present Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare was a play written a long time ago and been made into movies and books today. william was a very talented playwright because it is very well known and used lots in everyday life today.

In Romeo and juliet William Shakespeare portrays love at first sight when romeo first sees juliet at the capulet ball. Romeo refers to juliet as the brightest thing in the room he also compares he to a “like snowy dove trooping with cows” before he seen juliet he was miserable he was in love before it and was dumbed the day of the ball that they patchily snuck into. Now he is really in love and say to himself “did my heart love till now” it just shows how powerful true love and love at first sight is in the play. The first quote I chose was a simerly because he side she was LIKE a snowy dove and that's not a human quality. The second quote was personification because he gives his heart a human quality.the way William Shakespeare uses simerly and personification in the play gives the viewers a better idear of how the two young lovers are feeling for each other. They are both deeply in love and you can easily tell by the way William Shakespeare wrote the play.
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Romeo waches Juliet for a while when Juliet see Romeo he climbs up the tree close to the balcony. In this sean is when Romeo and Juliet kiss on the balcony and then her mother is looking for her that's when Romeo runs home. Romeo says to himself “it is my laddie oh it is my love” he is saying that he is in love with Juliet and that she is his laddie