How Does Sign Language Affect Deaf Communication

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Longer communicate multiple forms and means rights to transfer his thoughts and feelings and experiences to others and share with them, and highlights the problem when it converts an obstacle between the human capacity and performance to communicate with others, Kasamm which is not just a loss of the ability to hear sounds, but result in significant effects on the linguistic level of growth and cognitive, social and grades If you do preparing for the Deaf normal communication channels fit their characteristics, and meet their needs.
The most common manifestations of the language of communication and the importance of the communities, each its own linguistic regime society, can not be conceived as merely a system of society, language is the way members of the community to communicate and interact with each other.
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But given the results of studies and educational research in the field of deaf find it confirms that the sign language represents the utmost importance for the Deaf compared to other methods used by the deaf, it is for them to represent natural language such as voice to speak for the hearers.
Because sign language is innate evolve through communication between the deaf themselves to the process, the efficiency of the Deaf in the first language of natural increase the ability to learn a second language and the development of cognitive skills in reading, writing, and for the Deaf is a sign language is easier to learn the language, so it is important to make signal basically they use in the development of a second language