How Does Taylor Swift Make Me Do Anthropology

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Taylor Swift: Fame and Fortune from a Sociological Perspective Sociology is not only the study of society but also factors regarding the structure, development, and function of society (Steckley, 2017, p.7). The study of sociology can also be subjective to one’s interpretation involving certain factors that contribute to the human society. The video for What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift (Swift, T., 2017, track 6) directly refers to the disturbing side of the entertainment industry while simultaneously influencing the public (App, 2017). Many sociologists are able to analyze the song and relate it back to popular and mass culture, feminism theories, agents of socialization, as well as the different status and roles within sociology by viewing the media from the public's perspective. …show more content…
Furthermore, popular culture can be described as the “culture of the majority” (Steckley, 2017, p.75) where the public is influenced by the type of culture they consume. Taylor Swift has played a major role in many female teenagers lives and her music has spread vastly throughout multiple countries, mainly North America, thus the culture she carries as an individual is shared throughout the world. Media can be considered culture and since Swift has such an extensive audience, this can be deemed as popular culture. In addition to popular culture, one may view this as being mass culture instead; where “people have little or no agency in the culture they consume” (Steckley, 2017, p.75). It can be argued that Taylor Swift’s culture has been imposed on the public since she is a large part of the music industry and entertainment industries highlight her and her