How Does The Environment Change In The Pigman

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The environment affects how people behave in a certain situation. They can act like a different person because of how the situation and how it makes them feel emotionally. The Pigman, by Paul Zindel, John changes when they are placed in different situations and act differently than they would in other places.
John acts differnt when he is in school from when he is out of school. In school John is uncaring of his grades, and usually does not do his homework. In school he does pranks such as setting off small bombs in the bathroom to gain attention to himself. He does not have respect for school, and what he is learning. The first few sentence of the story is, “I don’t like school… Actually, I hate school, but then again most of the time I hate everything. I used to really hate school when I first started at Franklin High. I hated it so much the first year they called me the Bathroom Bomber. Other kids got elected
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“I knew it was a heart attack right away. Lorraine almost passed out, but I knew enough to call the police….I answered all the questions he asked, and when I didn’t know the answers, I made them up”(Zindel 111.) He calls the police thus that they can solve the problem instead of being iressobilsilbe thinking he could do it himself. He is understanding what he is cable of doing and understands when he needs for others to help him. He answered the questions proudly, and wanted to show that he had control and able to stay was calm. A sense of independence and knowing how to behave is what John shows in this moment. It is because Mr.Pignati is in danger that is why he is not fooling and around and instead apportioning the situations seriously. This could possibly be the last moment he has with Mr.Pignati, and John does not want to him to die, and he is under pressure to behave. If he does not behave than it could be what causes him to die by wasting time that he does not