How Does the Input of Voters Affect the Output of the Election and Who Wins? Essays

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How does the input of voters affect the output of the election and who wins? How does the relationship affect the country and society? What impact will this output/outcome have on your future?
Voting makes a single person's voice heard. Voting is valuable in the United States today. People 18 and older are usually those that are thought of to be registered voters, but sometimes that is not the case. When you vote, you are one of the millions of people in the United States - 18 and older - to be able to have your voice heard. Voters play a huge decision in who becomes our next president - whether democrat or republican - VOTE!
Our society is still under progression, and that means we need a leader or president that can function under pressure and support all citizens. Whether for education or job purposes our leader should be well rounded to help everyone!
Many of the things that out president does now plays a huge lead in the next four years, in not just my life, but thousands of other kids that are my age now. Four years may seem so far away but when that time does come many things will be modified for our country. Who knows, maybe I will be voting for the next president. Politics are super heavy in our country, and that's why registered voters need to go out and vote every four years! When you get involved, you will often have your voice heard. When so many people come from all over the states and can agree on something that will contribute to our efforts.
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