How Does the World View America Essay

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In 1776, the United States of America gained its independence from Great Britain. At this time, America was a small, developing country. Flash forward 239 years, America is one of the world’s most powerful and influential countries. How does the world view this powerful, influential country? We will determine how other countries view America by learning and analyzing how America treats its own citizens, how America treats other countries, and how America manages its own budget. We propose that the world views America as a well-developed, economically, and politically stable nation that treats its citizens with the utmost respect.
One way to analyze how the world views America, is to examine how America treats its own citizens. One of a
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The following quote was published in a London newspaper depicting what many Europeans thought of Americans. It is clearly obvious that their view towards America was extremely negative, pointing out what they think are America’s flaws and exaggerating them. This shows us that part of the world does not view America in a positive manner; they view us as a military-driven country that has many problems. Lastly, another way to examine and analyze how the world views America, we looked at how America manages its own budget. According to the U.S. national debt clock, America’s budget spending is approximately $3.7 trillion, with a budget deficit of $492 billion, and counting. To date, the U.S. national debt is approximately $18.2 trillion, and counting. This demonstrates how the United States spends a lot of money and in the process has racked up a large sum of debt. With an increasing budget deficit, the United States is spending money it obviously doesn’t have. “The United States is responsible for 41% of the world’s total military spending… America spends approximately $711 billion on its military alone, more than the next 14 countries combined.” (Arya, Barker, Donohoe, Gorman, Hagopian, Lubens, Rohde, White, Wiist, 2014). It is clearly evident that America spends a large sum of money on its military. Even with a growing national budget deficit and national debt, America continues to spend a lot of money on its military. This shows other countries