How Education Affects America

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Education affects American society by setting up students to fail later in life through selecting which students do well in school, messy teacher contracts and pay, in addition to skewed funding priorities. Education is the building block of society, it brings valuable knowledge that allows individuals to shape and build up their community. As it becomes increasingly difficult for students to make it completely through the school system, there will be fewer well educated individuals in society, which will further lead to the downfall of America. Unfortunately, America has slowly descended into a laughing stock among other first world countries. College tuition prices are skyrocketing, causing financially unstable students to forgo college and instead immediately seek a job. Poverty is a cycle, and the education system is doing little to help individuals break this cycle.
Nowadays, many schools are biased toward particular students who are then selected for success. When a student takes a standardized test, it puts them on a particular track that sets them up for different outcomes. However, it was developed
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(Video source) However, students who do not show any particular promise of success or failure are easily tossed aside and not looked into. These students may easily fall behind academically and not receive much assistance because of their position, dooming them to a short lived school career. Tracking is, “the entire process of identifying and sorting students by ability is less concerned with achieving equitable educational goals than with socializing students with the end purpose of sorting some students into specific functional roles in society.” (Biafora, Frank, and George Ansalone 588-602) In saying this, the authors note how tracking is just used to separate students that will do well in society than those who may not,