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How fair is it fair to say that the battle of Towton was the most significant in the period 1455-61?

There were 9 battles in the period of 1455-61, each were significant in their own way – some more so than others. The battle of Towton was a Yorkist victory, who came to the throne soon after. However there were other battles such as the first battle, the battle of St Albans, the battle that marks the beginning of the Wars of the Roses. The battle of Ludford Bridge and Wakefield and Northampton were also significant. Also there were many other occurrences such as Loveday in 1458 and the Parliament of Devils in 1459.
The first battle of St Albans (1455) was the battle which started the Wars of the Roses; the battle was between the Duke of York and the Duke of Somerset (York V Lancaster) The Yorkists had a force of 7000 men – and the Lancastrians had a force of 2000. This battle was significant because the Yorkists showed their seriousness towards the Lancastrians, and the Duke of Somerset was killed in the battle too. This victory had Richard, Duke of York reinstated as ‘Protector of England’ a few months later after the victory. This would make a significant moment during the 1455-61 period as it had York put back onto the royal roster, and had Henry know there was a threat. However, in 1459 the Battle of Ludford bridge commenced – this was very significant as the King’s wife, Margaret of Anjou commanded the Lancastrians against Richard, Duke of York. Richard fled to Ludlow, and his army refused to fight as King Henry turned up and they said their fight was against ‘Henry’s evil councillors’ this was significant as it showed Henry what their true cause was. The battle of Wakefield was a Lancastrian victory; this battle was very significant because the Duke of York, Richard – was killed in battle after holding off the army. The earl of Salisbury and York’s son were captured and executed. This marked the beginning of a less ‘correct’ form of battle that lasted until after the battles. It was also very significant because the leader of the Yorkist faction was killed, therefore making the Yorkist faction weakened and leaderless temporarily. The Battle of Northampton was very important as the Yorkists won and had Henry VI and Buckingham captured, this battle was importnant because it had Henry forced into agreeing into the ‘Act of Accord’ which had Margaret of Anjou banished for life, Prince Edward (Henry’s son) disinherited and had the succession passed to York and his heir. This was majorly important because the next in line was now under Yorkist name; this was a massive blow to the Lancastrian forces as they no longer have the throne, which is what they were fighting to keep. The battle of Towton was in 1461, this was a Yorkist victory. This battle was very significant as it was the battle which had Edward IV crowned king at Westminster. Henry VI, Margaret of Anjou