How Far Will People Really Go For Love

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Tale of Two Cities
How far will people actually go for love? A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens takes place in the French revolution era in the cities of London and Paris. Most of the people are living in poverty and the country had little leadership from the high ranks. In the book, Sydney
Carton and Charles Darnay show the theme how far people will go for love through the characteristics, love for Lucie, doing the best for the people around you, and putting other people first.
Both Charles and Sydney show how far people will go for love through their love for
Lucie. Charles and Sydney both had a crush on Lucie the first time they saw her. Charles shows his love for Lucie when he asks Doctor Manette is he can marry Lucie, He says, “Dear Doctor
Manette, I love your daughter fondly, dearly, disinterestedly, and divotedly. If there were love in the world, I love her”[Page 135-136]. Charles shows that he loves Lucie so much that he was willing to love her for the rest of his life. Then, after Sydney finds out about the marriage, he goes to see Lucie to tell her that he is gonna be there, He states, “For you, and for any dear to you, I would do anything”[Page 155]. Sydney knew that there was no chance that he could be with Lucie so he went to her to tell her that he has the familys back and would do anything to keep them all together and happy.
The next way Charles and Sydney show how far you will go for love is by doing the best for the people around you. When Sydney recieves the letter Gabrelle while in London, Charles reads, “I have remitted the imposts they had ceased to pay that I had collected no rent that I

have had recource to no process” [Page 243]. Gabrelle says that he has started putting the peasants first and doing the best for the people around them by not having them to pay any taxes. Another example of putting other people first was when Carton was breaking Darnay out of jail, Charles says, “Carton, there is no excaping this place; It can never be done. You will only die with me” [Page 354]. This quote shows that Sydney doesnt care what the consequences of breaking Charles out is, he just wants to do the best for Lucie, Charles,